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Annie Skau Berntsen

Born 29th May 1911
Died 26th Nov 1992

Secondary School, Nurse Training School 1931-1934, and China Inland Mission School in London. After that she took a course at the Hospital of Tropical Diseases, London.

Entering upon as a missionary:
26th Jun 1937 at the MCCN's Annual Conference in the town of Skien.





Annie worked as a nurse and MCCN's Mission Field Secretary of Hong Kong from 1953-1978:

She made her first outward journey to Hong Kong 10 Feb 1953 .
She made her first home journey to Norway 19 Dec 1959.

After that: To Hong Kong To Norway
  1 Sept 1960 25 May 1963 (short visit)
24 Apr 1966
  Date is missing 25 Jun 1972
  20 Jul 1972 10 Jul 1973
  Sept 1973 25 Jun 1974
  29 Aug 1974 1 Jun 1975
  1 Sept 1975 The fall of 1976 she spent about 3 weeks in Norway in order to write her autobiography in Chinese.
  Sept 1976 3 Aug 1977
  19 Sept 1977 2 May 1978




此後: 到香港 到挪威
  1960年9月1日 1963年5月25日(短暫停留)
  1963年 1966年4月24日
  日期不詳 1972年6月25日
  1972年7月20日 1973年7月10日
  1973年9月 1974年6月25日
  1974年8月29日 1975年6月1日
  1975年9月1日 司教士於1976年秋在回挪威期間花了約3週時間以中文撰寫自傳。
  1976年9月 1977年8月3日
  1977年9月19日 1978年5月2日


From the day she was consecrated at MCCN's Annual Conference in 1937, to the last time she was in Hong Kong 50 years later, Annie served as a missionary. Before she had to leave China in 1951 as one of the last missionaries to leave the country, Annie made it to serve in Mainland China for two long periods. Under very simple circumstances she had worked for 12 years among the Chinese people in the mountains of China.





A closed door to communist-China became a calling for Sister Annie to go to Hong Kong. She kept on working for over 30 years in Hong Kong. At first no one would take her in and accept her zeal to aid, and the mission leaders in Norway could not guarantee for any financial support. The needs and suffering of the Chinese refugees became her calling. Together with missionary Hannie Gronlund she started to work.





With empty hands - but trust in God - sister Annie started to work among the poorest people in the refugee camp Rennies Mill. There were many experiences of God's care and answers to prayer in those days. The women in missionary groups all over Norway were praying. Friends from different countries gave their support, and the medical work developed. The Norwegian Refugee Board was engaged in the work and the Haven of Hope Hospital was growing bigger with more departments/units. What once was a simple shed is now a modern hospital.



司教士和葛教士因著對 神的信靠,在沒有任何資源下開始在調景嶺難民營內為貧苦難民作醫療福音工作。他們在那些日子經歷了很多 神的看顧和蒙應允的禱告。另一方面挪威很多宣教群體的姊妹不斷為他們禱告。在不同國家的朋友捐助下,醫療福音工作得以發展,並因著挪威難民委員會的參與,靈實醫院得以不斷擴充及設立更多部門和單位,昔日一所簡陋的木板房,今日已發展為一間現代化醫院。


For her contribution to the Hong Kong community and the Chinese people, Annie was awarded the Florence Nightingale medal in May 1961. In 1963 Annie was awarded a Norwegian Royal Order for her humanitarian work, and in Apr 1979 the Order of the British Empire.
Sister Annie died on 26 Nov 1992.







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